Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS mobile operating system

When it comes to comparing mobile operating system today, iOS and Android are best shots. While both of them are quite similar, they do carry differences in a few domains.
In the last few years, nearly all smartphones shipped carried either of the two operating systems. Here’s a detailed Android vs iOS comparison based on different parameters.


Android is Google’s operating system based on a modified version of the Linux Kernel. It is a open source software designed primarily for smartphones and tablets but used on a wide number of devices today including Television sets, auto infotainment systems and smartwatches.


iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system developed exclusively for iPhone and iPad and also used in Apple TV and Apple watch. It is the second most popular mobile operating system globally after Android.


Performance is one of the things iOS does better than android many a times. iOS users often experience way too less slow downs and stutters. This seems to be shocking, considering the internals an iPhone carries. The most powerful iPhone as of now (iPhone 11 Pro Max) feautures a 4GB RAM with six-core CPU as compared to 12GB RAM with eight-core CPU on a top spec’d Android phone. These iPhone specifications are often seen on budget Android phones but an iPhone performs way fluid.

Android vs iOS performance- mobile operating system

The truth is iPhones are way better optimized than android phones which is why they don’t need huge amounts of RAM to outperform Android phones. Better optimization is what helps iPhone achieve higher benchmarks.
On the whole, Android phones might have better on-paper specifications but iPhones are far better at performing smoothly.


For years, iOS has a reputation of being the most secure mobile operating system. On the other hand, Android being more popular is more likely to be the focus of attacks. But, with more consistent security updates Android has managed to come close to iOS’ security level making sure phones and information stay safe.

Android vs iOS security- mobile operating system

Apple provides more consistent updates for its devices, making the already closed ecosystem even more harder to penetrate. All these factors make it difficult to target iOS users.


Android is open source which makes it open to custom changes by various smartphone manufacturers. This indeed leads to bit of a confusion for the users as most Android phones look and feel different from one another. Most Android manufacturers, be it Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi have their own UI skin on stock android which are drastically different to use. On the other hand, all iOS supported devices be it iPhones, iPads have same usability methods whatsoever. This is why people in the Apple ecosystem find it much easier to adapt even if they keep switching between their devices.

Software/App Support

The Google Play Store has a higher number of free apps as compared to the Apple’s App Store but again quality over quantity, the apps on the App Store are better optimised for both iPhone and iPad providing a fluid experience.

Android vs iOS app support- mobile operating system

Moreover, Google’s Play Store often incur issues with app installation. Apps and games often come to iOS first because developers tend to make money there. Therefore, Apple’s App Store is any day better than Android’s Play Store though by a small margin.


The ability to customize has always been Android’s biggest strength for some users want their home screens, icon packs, widgets to look and feel different every few days. Custom launchers are best suited for Android smartphones. On the contrary, iOS is not customizable at all, users are stuck with the same home screen, icons to look at. iOS users can only use a few stock widgets on their device. Customizability is hands down the best feature an Android phone provides.

Third Party App Compatibility

Third party app apks are easily available for Android devices and can be installed quickly. However, unofficial off Play Store apps pose security threat for the device and might lead to information theft. For iOS, only App store apps can be installed on the device and no third party app support is provided. So, third party app support is both a boon and a bane for Android smartphones.

Accessories Support

The market of Android accessories is much smaller than that of iOS accessories. Most smartphone accessory makers surround their business with iOS and not Android accessories.
The main problem with Android accessories support is that too many different Android devices already exist, many recently launched and many to be launched soon. Most Android devices have different location of charging ports,volume rocker, screen lock button and some still carry the headphone jack while some don’t.

Android vs iOS accessories- mobile operating system

iPhone game is quite simple compared to Android. Every year 2 or 3 new iPhones are released with one being the plus size variant of the other. They mostly have the same chassis with similar built design. This makes easier for accessory makers to make numerous iPhone accessories around the same platform.


For sure, iOS users get games first on app store, weeks or months before they are available on the Google Play Store. The reason being it is easier to develop games for iOS and secondly only two versions of the game are to be developed for iOS- iPhone and iPad.
On the contrary, an Android game is to be developed for numerous Android smartphones at once.
Moreover, iOS users spend more on games hence money is the driving force for developers to develop games for iOS first.

Android vs iOS gaming-

The game quality differs from one game to another on Android and iOS. While some games are smooth on iPhone, others on Android, Android’s Play Store has a much bigger game database, exposing the user to a wider variety of quality games.

AI Voice Assistance

Android’s Google Assistant is probably the most dynamic of the voice assistants while Apple’s Siri is the oldest of the lot. So, the answer to the best voice assistant depends on what you are looking for to suit your needs.
Google Assistant can handle multiple queries at once and carries the strength of Google search behind it while Siri is the wittiest of all. Each has its pros and cons.
Do note that Google Assistant is available for both Android and iOS devices but Siri is pre-loaded only on iOS devices. So,choose wisely.


Android is the perfect choice for the ones who want an affordable device. There are many mid range Android smartphones with great features and design. Apple iPhone comes at a premium price. One fact to be considered about Apple devices is that they have a very good resale value so you can resell you old model device for the most money to put towards the new one.
Old iPhones fetch more money at resale than old Androids.

Final Verdict

It’s impossible to say which operating system is better than the other. Both are already great and improving at a quick pace.
It’s a personal choice as to what one wants a smart gadget to deliver.
If customization and control is preferred, Android is the answer.
If an activated smart device is preferred while setting nothing up, iOS is the answer.
iOS and Android have been compared above on different parameters, which should help one decide which mobile operating system to go with. Whichever device you pick, just make sure it fits your operating system preferences.
Happy Shopping!

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana is a Mechanical Engineer by profession based in Chandigarh,India. He is also a WordPress content developer and definitely a technology enthusiast. He has keen interest in automobile mechanics and stock market trading and spends his free time enhancing smartphone photography skills. Convinced by the interplay of technology and durability, he uses a Galaxy Note as his device and drives a Toyota.