You might wonder if you could extract text from an image. Rather than typing the complete text, it’s much easier copying it and pasting wherever required. Here’s how you can extract text from any image appearing on your Galaxy device’s screen using ‘Smart select’.

• Go to ‘Settings’ on your galaxy device.
• Head to ‘display’ and then ‘Edge Screen’

• Switch on the ‘Edge Panels’ toggle.

Once it is ‘on’ , you can easily access the edge panels from the edge of the screen.

• Tap Edge Panel ‘Settings’.

⦁ Quickly enable ‘Smart Select’.

• Once ‘Smart Select’ is toggled on, open the image you want to extract text from.

For reference,we use an image with ‘Galaxy Note9’ written as text.
Now, in order to extract this text,
• Access ‘Smart Select’ Edge Panel’ from the edge of the screen.
• Now Choose ‘Rectangle’ to choose a rectangular area of the image to extract text from.

• Adjust the area according to the text you want to extract and tap ‘Done’.

• Tap ‘Extract’ to extract text from the selected area of the image.

• Tap on ‘Copy’ to copy the extracted text or share the copied text directly choosing ‘Share’.

Copied text can be pasted as and when required.
You can easily extract text from hand written documents/Social media/Scanned documents, using the same method thereby saving a lot of time.

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana is a Mechanical Engineer by profession based in Chandigarh,India. He is also a WordPress content developer and definitely a technology enthusiast. He has keen interest in automobile mechanics and stock market trading and spends his free time enhancing smartphone photography skills. Convinced by the interplay of technology and durability, he uses a Galaxy Note as his device and drives a Toyota.