iPhone Face ID unlock while wearing a mask

Apparently, a new issue has emerged – Unlocking your smartphone using Face ID while wearing a mask.

Face ID unlock while wearing a mask
Face ID setup

Considering the worldwide outbreak of Corona virus, face masks have become absolutely necessary (mandatory in some countries).

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You are out on the go and cannot remove your face mask everytime you need to unlock your phone.

While PIN/password remain an option to unlock your smartphone, you might wonder of ways to unlock your smartphone while still wearing a face mask.

Here’s how you can train your iPhone to unlock using Face ID while wearing a face mask:

1. Go to ‘settings’, then ‘Face ID & Passcode’.

2. Click on ‘Set Up Alternate Appearance’.

3. Now, fold your face mask in half along the vertical plane and hold it up so it is covering half of your face considering the nose as centre.

4. Now, for your first Face ID set-up scan, tilt your head according to the on-screen instructions. Wait for the signal that you have completed the first scan.

5. Position your mask to cover the other half of your face and perform the second Face ID set-up scan, as mentioned in step 4.

6. You’re done,now test Face ID with and without a mask to unlock your phone.

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If your phone still fails to recognize your face, try the Alternate Appearance option again and repeat the steps. Normally, it takes a few times for the phone to learn and get this to work.

Note – This method does work with both disposable and cloth face masks.

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

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