[SOLVED] How to toggle Overtype mode – Text overwrite while typing in content.

Is your typed text getting displaced/eaten up as you type in new content? Understand, why:
A Computer has two different typing modes built in for different applications. The first mode being ‘Insert Mode‘, is the default mode and allows normal text typing. The second being ‘Overtype Mode‘ is a special typing mode that replaces the existing text as you type in new text. This mode can act as a breakthrough mode to help save the hardship of breaking up pre-existing lines and changing the layout and can also help maintain word limit for a text length for proper text alignment.

Overtype mode
This is a MS word example of how Overtype mode works.

Though Over type mode is useful at times, it becomes absolutely annoying when it toggles ‘ON’ and one finds no help turning it off.

It is surprisingly simple to turn off this mode.

Simply press Shift+Insert key on your keyboard to turn off Over type mode.

This key combination is used to toggle between Insert mode and Overtype mode.

Overtype mode
The Insert key is located on the right numeric keypad of the keyboard.

Overtype mode is almost forgotten today, but it was once a relevant functionality for computer users. There might be a strong reason behind this function still existing in many data processing suites.

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

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