Restart Fire stick – How to quickly reboot Amazon Fire stick.

There might be a number of reasons why you would need to Restart Fire stick. Performance,storage issues could be one of the many. While many new app installations require a reboot, this method could also help unfreeze an Amazon Fire stick that is stuck.

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amazon Fire stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Here’s how you can easily reboot your Fire stick through settings to continue with a smooth streaming experience.

This method works best when your Fire stick remote is working and the Fire stick is not stuck/frozen.

• Head to the ‘Settings’ section on the homepage.

restart fire stick
Amazon Fire stick ‘Home’

• Now, scroll right to find ‘My Fire TV’ and click on it.

restart fire stick
Fire stick ‘settings’

• Scroll down and click ‘Restart’.

restart fire stick
Fire stick restart

• Again click ‘Restart’ to confirm when the popup appears.

restart fire stick
Fire stick restart

• The Firestick will now turn off and restart.

The quick 5 second method. (For stuck/frozen Fire stick)

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To unfreeze a stuck Firestick, simply hold down the ‘Select‘ and ‘Play/Pause‘ button for about 5 seconds.
The Fire stick will immediately reboot without any further confirmations. This will also help it unfreeze.

firestick restart through remote

Hope, now you’ll easily be able to reboot your Fire stick device whenever needed.

Abhishek Rana

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