Samsung’s Pop-up view – floating apps

pop-up view

Samsung is utmost productive when it comes to smartphones. Samsung phones are heavily feature packed. Sometimes, even the users are unaware of the useful features their device carries.
Many a features of Samsung phones namely ‘split screen view‘ ‘pop up view’ ‘pin app’ are not known to many users.

Pop up view is a productivity feature that lets you run apps in miniature window mode facilitating the maximum use of your phone’s large screen. The app running in pop-up view keeps floating on the screen while you can work on other apps on your smartphone.

With pop-up view you can easily open an app in a small pop-up window that can be moved around the screen. It is particularly useful if you need to use two or more apps on the same screen like watching YouTube videos while texting someone.

Here’s how you can run an app in pop-up view.

pop-up view

• Open the app you want to run in pop-up view.
• Press the ‘Recents’ button on your smartphone.
• Tap the icon of the app visible on the top the preview.
• Choose ‘open in pop-up view’ from the dropdown.

The app will now open in a pop-up window, easily movable around the screen.

The pop up view apps get minimized to a mere movable icon quite similar to the Chat heads from Facebook Messenger.

You can also set the opacity of the popped out app which is useful to view the vital info behind the app. (if any)

Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

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