WhatsApp fingerprint lock for Android phones.

WhatsApp- the Facebook owned platform has rolled out a fresh new update on the Android OS introducing the fingerprint lock feature, earlier introduced on iOS devices.

In order to provide biometric level security for it’s android users, WhatsApp introduced the much awaited fingerprint lock, already available on iOS devices. You can easily safeguard your WhatsApp conversations with an added layer of security.

There’s an additional ‘Automatically lock’ timer setting to immediately lock the app as one closes it or setup a specific time limit.

Here’s how you can setup the WhatsApp fingerprint lock on your Android Smartphone.

  • Head to the ‘Settings’ of your WhatsApp and tap ‘Account’.
  • Now Tap ‘Privacy’.
  • Scroll to the end and tap ‘Fingerprint lock’
  • Now ‘Unlock with fingerprint’ toggle needs to be switched on.

When Whatsapp fingerprint is enabled, you’ll need to use fingerprint to open WhatsApp. You can still answer calls if WhatsApp is locked.

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