How to use Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp is a smartphone based instant messaging app. It is all time favourite for most smartphone users to share photos, documents, audio files, contacts, live location and above all, it supports free audio and video calling too using data services. Also, it has a browser based version called ‘Whatsapp Web’.

Whatsapp web is a desktop solution for the all time favourite smartphone app. While your smartphone’s battery is dead or you are working on your PC, you can still receive your Whatsapp messages on your desktop using its browser version.

Alternatively, if you frequently use Whatsapp on your PC, it is available for Mac and Windows as well. The issue being Whatsapp can be active only on one device at a time, you need to have two different accounts for phone and PC. This is where Whatsapp Web comes handy. It is a feasible solution to ensure you can read and respond to messages on any device.

The browser version of Whatsapp is a very easy to use solution and takes only a bit to setup.

Here’s how to quickly setup Whatsapp Web.

• Visit on your PC’s browser. A webpage should appear with a QR code.

Whatsapp Web

• On your smartphone, open Whatsapp and tap on three dots on the top right corner. Now, tap ‘Whatsapp Web’

• Your smartphone’s camera will now launch. Simply scan the QR code on your PC’s browser.

• It will automatically start once the QR code is scanned and will remain active until you logout either on your phone or PC.

Whatsapp Web
Abhishek Rana

Abhishek Rana

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